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Welcome to the PSE Foundation. Over the past two years, the PSE Foundation had increased its annual budget and focused to help our communities through the difficulties and struggles of the COVID-19 crisis so we could begin the healing process, together. This year, the PSE Foundation once again increased its traditional budget to continue the journey and are turning our focus towards funding efforts that will Empower Community Resiliency. We want to help your nonprofit fund the evolving needs of our new normal as we emerge from the dark days of the pandemic.

This year’s competitive grant program has closed as of June 30. Our local employee “Grant Selection Circle” volunteers are currently receiving grant review training with a lens of diversity, equity and inclusion. Then, they’ll put their skills to work to learn more about the nonprofit community programs submitted for funding to support our beautiful region. Stay tuned for our upcoming award announcement in September!

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2022 Competitive Grant Program

Our $600,000 competitive grant program to Empower Community Resiliency has closed. Awards will be announced in September.

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Employee and Retiree Matching

Employees and retirees of Puget Sound Energy can apply for up to $1,000 per year in matching funds for donations and volunteer hours benefiting qualified local 501C3 nonprofits.

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